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Mark Wilson’s March Message

29 Mar 2019   |   Mark Wilson, CEO   |   Wellspring Academy Trust

I think a lot about the culture of our organisation and want to begin by talking about that a little. Cultures exist everywhere, either by design or otherwise. It is incredibly important to me that everybody: staff, pupils and families within Wellspring enjoy a positive and celebratory culture. You are a difference maker. You are the one that makes it happen. You are a vital part of our team. I am very hopeful that:

  • We celebrate first and we celebrate, loads.
  • We smile first and we smile, loads.
  • We listen first and we listen, loads.
  • We care first and we care, loads.
  • We seek to understand first, and loads.
  • We use language to enable and empower first, and loads.
  • We put relationships first and we reinforce, loads.
  • We think about what we do, how we do it and the impact it has on others first, and loads.

We all have a responsibility for the culture that we enjoy or endure in our every setting. We all make an important contribution to it. We create cultures… individually, in groups, in teams, as a collective whole.

Make your contribution. Make it a very strong and positive one.

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