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The Power of Play

26 Feb 2019   |   Debby Tinker, Assistant Headteacher   |   Greenacre School

In the Early Years we appreciate how vital play is. It is the way in which children make sense of the world they live in and their place within that world. Children need to be given every opportunity to take part in rich play-based learning activities that develop their natural curiosity. For young children, play is often a full body activity that helps them refine skills they will need later in life. Running, dancing, climbing, rolling – these activities all promote muscle development and help fine-tune motor skills. Children also build their mental and emotional muscles as they create elaborate, imaginative worlds rich with a system of rules that govern the terms of play. Through playing co-operatively with their peers children learn how to share, resolve conflicts, make decisions, be assertive and work in together in groups to solve problems.

Although some children are more apt to have these skills than others, children are able to develop these great social skills through playing with other children. These learned and practised social skills are the skills we use every day to interact and communicate with others. They include verbal and non-verbal communication, such as speech, gesture, facial expression and body language. A person has strong social skills if they have the knowledge of how to behave in social situations and understand both written and implied rules when communicating with others.

Therefore, at Greenacre we would like to offer play sessions for mainstream children from Nursery, Reception or Year 1 settings within the Trust that would like to come and have play sessions at Greenacre we would be very happy to host these. Mainstream pupils would benefit from using a range of specialist rooms (light and sound/immersive spaces) as well as having singing and signing sessions and fully inclusive indoor/outdoor activities. If you are interested in taking part in this wonderful opportunity for collaborative practice, please contact Debby Tinker at Greenacre School on 01226 287165.

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