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Mark Wilson’s February Message

26 Feb 2019   |   Mark Wilson, CEO

We are a thriving community of practice spread across five Local Authority areas and several thousand square miles. What we have achieved together, thus far, is incredible. What we can achieve together in future is unimaginable.

I firmly believe that our power as a community is our “Why?”… the why we do what we do. Our community – you, I, us all – do what we do because we care. We care about the young people in our care, we care about one another, we care about what the future looks like for everyone. That’s a powerful “Why?”. Its one to drive us all on to be the best that we can be, every day – four ourselves, for our colleagues, for our young people, for our families and for our communities. Our is an inclusive “Why?” – inclusive of all youngsters in our care, inclusive of all colleagues and embracing of these who do not yet count on themselves as members of our community, but may soon.

My sincere thanks for your contribution to the success of our children, young people and schools.

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