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Seizing Wisdom in the Classroom

26 Feb 2019   |   Harry Gordon | Sarah Gillard | Jon Gibbins   |   Greenacre School

Class teams possess an abundance of wisdom, knowledge and expertise.  By engaging all leaders of learning in a creative and inclusive planning process can we generate new ideas, methods and approaches, reduce workload, support all staff to become more proactive leaders of learning and create more motivated class teams?

In September 2017 our Destination Outstanding group completed quantitative research, posing the question “Do you see yourself as a leader of learning in your current role?”  The analysis from the research highlighted that less than 50% of TA1s and less than 65% of LTAs saw themselves as leaders of learning.  As a result of these findings, we developed a joint planning model using cogs, and trialled whole class team planning sessions throughout the school. The feedback from the sessions was overwhelmingly positive.

Teacher feedback included:

“This promoted further inclusion and collaboration between all students, less workload, more concise planning, which is easier for all staff to follow”.

“Better ideas from experts in each area”.

“It was brilliant having the opportunity to work collaboratively with our team, hearing everybody’s ideas and getting the perspectives of others, as we don’t all have the same ideas.  Everyone understands the lessons and the aims, as they have been a part of it”.

Since the success of the trials, whole class team planning sessions are held every half term and are now an essential part of the school training schedule. Meanwhile we are continuing to conduct research and trial new ideas to develop the best possible practice, promoting a collaborative approach to planning.

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