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Snappy Happy in Bramley

03 Mar 2019   |   Amy Spivey   |   Bramley Park Academy

Year 5 children at Bramley Park Academy were last week ‘snap happy’ as Whitebox Photography popped into school for an exciting photography workshop.

Based on their drive to foster a love of reading, “Get caught reading” is the idea that reading can happen anywhere, captured in photographs.

The photography course taught the children all about exciting composition and the complicated camera mechanics. Most importantly it also taught them how to take a great photograph!

Year 5 Class teacher, Amy Spivey said: “The workshop allowed children to collaboratively and learn new vocational skills. My sincere thanks to The Whitebox Photography company for their time, patience and expertise. The children had an amazing time and were keen to share all they had learnt about taking the perfect snap!”

The specialist photography classes were very worthwhile and enjoyable. The day allowed the children to produce lovely photographs that are special to each one individually. It provided many reflective and collaborative opportunities that the children will benefit greatly from. We look forward to the upcoming workshop and exhibition on World Book Day.

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