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Open. Transparent. Outward-facing. Generous. Supportive. Collegial. Collaborative. Inclusive. Progressive. Plural. Courageous. Curious. Caring. Confident. Ethical. Respectful.

If you want to work with, and – more importantly – contribute to a culture like this, we might be a fit.

At Wellspring, we have always talked about ethics and values as the heart of our culture. They have been our guiding lights. We have taken the harder path many times in order to remain true to our values. Our Principals are the custodians of our values in their Academies.

Cultures deepen when they’re talked about, demonstrated, celebrated. We have a range of mechanisms for sharing news, information and celebrations throughout our community.

We want our stakeholders to be clear that they contribute to the culture. They are custodians of the culture. They create the culture.



Values Champions 

Our values are at the centre of our message. We play a system leadership role by championing those values. Wellspring views education as a vehicle for better outcomes for all, including those from disadvantage, whatever their starting points.

We have earned our success thus far by empowering Leadership Teams and Governing Bodies within the context of a comprehensive and robust Trust-wide monitoring and risk assurance framework.

We aim to raise expectations and ambitions for every young person in our care. We work in partnership with our Academies through providing rigorous and Quality Assured systems and through investment in our workforce.