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Professional Freedom & Responsibility

Professional autonomy for School Leaders is an essential component of a strong, dynamic and sustainable schools’ system. Headteachers and Governing Bodies in England are used to it. We have no interest in limiting professional decision-making freedom.

Wellspring’s concept of autonomy devolves as much decision-making authority to Principals and Governing Bodies as a legally-responsible body can.

The Trust is responsible for balancing its budget, curating its estate for 125 years, safeguarding stakeholders and securing a good standard of education for learners.

Securing a good standard of education is the job of the Principal and Governing Body. All associated decision-making is their responsibility.

The Trust provides assurance of the technical functions and has the capacity to intervene where the standard of education is not secure.

We counter the potential negatives associated with autonomy by providing:

  • Energetic and diverse professional networks at all levels
  • Excellent technical expertise
  • Access to a substantial bank of additional resources
  • Resilience and substantially reduced risk

…while preserving the upsides.

Great schools think for themselves. Why would we want to limit that?


System-led Improvement

Academy Principals lead School Improvement. Wellspring doesn’t ‘do to’. Instead, we provide a framework within which the professionals in our community make decisions together about how we improve collectively.

We use methods including:

  • Peer Review
  • Enquiry Walks
  • Standards benchmarking

… in order to ensure an appropriate balance of support and challenge to aid Academy effectiveness

Autonomy boils right down to:

Wellspring is a community of professionals who thrive in that environment.