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The Wellspring Latest News page is a vital opportunity for us to share and celebrate all the wonderful things happening across the Trust.

April 2021

March 2021

DownloadJanuary 2021

30 Day of Wellbeing

25 Jan 2021 | Ash Lucas

The #30DaysofWellbeing idea came about to give people simple hints, tips and reminders of what...

December 2020

DownloadNovember 2020

Seasonal Phishing

25 Nov 2020 | Matthew Lindsay

It’s beginning to look a lot like phishmas, everywhere you go, take a look at...

MP’s virtual visit

14 Nov 2020 | Nigel Lowther on behalf of Littlecoates

Elected school councillors at Littlecoates Primary Academy were given another vote of confidence – by...

DownloadOctober 2020

Our Virtual Prom

23 Oct 2020 | By Charlotte Walker

Although the pandemic led to the cancellation of many events, staff and students at Greenacre...

KS3 at Mablethorpe

12 Oct 2020 | By Tabitha Lomas

KS3 at Mablethorpe have had a real push on their reading sessions last half term....

Reading friend

09 Oct 2020 | By Nigel Lowther (on behalf of Littlecoates)

Professional storyteller Alec Williams may not have visited Littlecoates Academy during the pandemic – but...

Life as an NQT

03 Oct 2020

Experience of life as an NQT was shared by Littlecoates Academy teacher Dan Birkett to...

Tour De Wellspring

01 Oct 2020

25 Academies….263 participants….. 4952.2 miles completed in 7 days.  September’s Tour De Wellspring 2020 initiative...

DownloadSeptember 2020

It Takes a Village

21 Sep 2020 | Sarah Horsbrough

After 4 years of planning and development, 2 years of existing in portacabins and months...

Every little helps

16 Sep 2020 | Nigel Lowther on behalf of Littlecoates

Low-cost food is available to residents on Grimsby’s West Marsh after a link up between...

Beacon GCSE results

05 Sep 2020 | Jason Thurley

Happy students and teachers celebrated “best ever” GCSE results at Beacon Academy in Cleethorpes. Head...

Back 2 School

02 Sep 2020 | John Noden

When I see ‘Back 2 school’, I normally think of uniform, pencil cases, totally unnecessary...

July 2020

DownloadJune 2020

Littlecoates in Lockdown

25 Jun 2020 | Nigel Lowther, on behalf of Littlecoates Primary Academy

Lockdown at Littlecoates has “brought the best out of a wonderful team of dedicated professionals”...

Happy Hampers

25 Jun 2020 | Phil Burns

At Phoenix Park and Sevenhills Academies we have been focused onensuring the welfare of our...

A Legend at Laceyfield

19 Jun 2020 | Best of luck for the future from your friends and colleagues at Laceyfield.

As we move into the end of the school year, Laceyfield will be saying goodbye...

DownloadMay 2020

We are still Teachers

25 May 2020 | Laura Reader

Whilst we move through these challenging and unusual times in education, we are all learning...

New Horizons

16 May 2020 | Emma Dodsworth

At Springwell Leeds East Academy we are weeks away from publishing our third anthology. We...

Whole School SEND

11 May 2020 | David Mills

You may recall two pieces from previous Wellspring newsletters where I outlined my involvement in...

DownloadApril 2020

BETT Show 2020

09 Apr 2020 | Wayne Kilner

Once Christmas and New Year festivities are out of the way and everyone returns back...

Beacon Rugby

04 Apr 2020 | Jason Thurley

Thirteen-year-old Joe Morton will represent Beacon Academy in a special presentation before Saturday’s big game....

DownloadFebruary 2020

Pupils go Wild

24 Feb 2020 | Steve Cumberworth

On the 24 February, conservation and development officers from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust worked with Key...

Young Enterprise

15 Feb 2020 | Phil Burns

  Park House are again competing in The Young Enterprise Company Programme and recently had...


12 Feb 2020 | Judith Smith

Introductions I am delighted to now be part of the Central Team supporting our Academies...

Great fire of London

05 Feb 2020 | Karen Burrows

During the Spring 1 Term, pupils in Primary 1, Springwell Grantham, were covering the topic...

British Council Award

02 Feb 2020 | Nigel Lowther, on behalf of Littlecoates Primary Academy

Links between Trust academies and Bangladesh are to be forged after the award of a...

Lincoln Book Spree

01 Feb 2020 | Miriam Reynolds

What an amazing opportunity for our young people! Thanks to the Siobhan Dowd Trust, on...

DownloadNovember 2019

Mark’s November Message

28 Nov 2019 | Mark Wilson, CEO, Wellspring Academy Trust

Welcome to our November Issue of the Wellspring Newsletter. One look at this months’ newsletter...

Fun Fridays

29 Nov 2019

After pupil voice, Friday afternoons have been transformed into an exciting new venture with sessions...

Career Offer Journey

28 Nov 2019 | Phil Burns, Assistant Prinicpal

Previously at Phoenix Park Academy careers were rarely talked about and the only option considered...

Expert Reference Group

28 Nov 2019 | Dave Mills, Executive Vice Principal

At the beginning of the year I began representing Phoenix Park and Sevenhills (as well...

Commercial Updates

28 Nov 2019 | Jonny Wathen & Dave Whitaker

Positive Regard Specialist Behaviour Support The excellent work and reputation of the Positive Regard Behaviour...

Vote Weatherill

28 Nov 2019 | Callum Weatherill, Joseph Norton Academy

A vacancy exists on the National Executive of the National Education Union (NEU) in the...

School of the Year

15 Nov 2019 | Diane Greaves

Last Friday evening, myself and three colleagues headed off to Barnsley Metrodome to attend the...

Junior Wardens Scheme

14 Nov 2019 | Georgia Law, Business Administrator

In September, The Forest Academy had the opportunity to join the Junior Warden Scheme.  Twelve...

Active School of the Year

14 Nov 2019 | Tracey Gostelow, PE Lead

Lacey Gardens Junior Academy, are celebrating after being awarded Lincolnshire’s ‘Active Primary School of the...

Beacon Remembers

11 Nov 2019 | Nigel Lowther, on behalf of Beacon Academy

A World War Two veteran thanked Beacon Academy students whose Remembrance Day efforts help him...

WOW Week

09 Nov 2019 | Lucie Martin, Year 1 Teacher,

I am sure you can all remember your favourite school trip or experience. For example,...

Election Fever

06 Nov 2019 | Press Release By Nigel Lowther, Nigel Lowther Associates (on behalf of Littlecoates)

Forget the General Election – the only one poll that mattered at Littlecoates Academy was...

Light up the Woods

05 Nov 2019 | Amanda McGarry KS2 Phase Lead

Key Stage Two have been involved in a wonderful community event where they have created...

DownloadOctober 2019

Ongoing engagements with PRTSA

29 Oct 2019 | Jonny Wathen, CIO & Amy Hinchliffe, Operations Manager

School Direct 2020/21 – Initial Teacher Education UCAS is now open for the 2020/21 School...

Springwell Leeds on TV

29 Oct 2019 | Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer

Springwell Leeds were the subject of an extended news feature recently on the BBC Look...

Support Centre News

29 Oct 2019 | Josh Greaves, Deputy Chief Executive

This year has seen personal and professional growth for a number of Wellspring colleagues. Sam...

Transformational Stories

28 Oct 2019 | Carrie Green, Executive Principal

We are proud of our fully inclusive and refurbished setting for our community. The transformation...

First Impressions Count

28 Oct 2019 | Chris Jessup, Director of Learning

The first time you meet someone, you form an opinion of each other very quickly...

Business Award

18 Oct 2019 | Karen Froggatt, Chief Governance Officer

The Trust was highly commended in the Business Growth Category at a recent Chamber of...

Focus on Governance

17 Oct 2019 | Karen Froggatt, Chief Governance Officer

Good governance is key to any successful organisation.  Strong leadership, appropriate structures and accountability are...

The Power of Teams

16 Oct 2019 | Josh Greaves, Deputy Chief Executive

Following the successful completion of three of the four Lincolnshire Free Schools, Wellspring is now...

Springwell FM

11 Oct 2019 | Shona Crichton, Principal

Live every Friday…. Bringing Springwell to you. Chapel FM believes in offering people as...

Well @ Work Finalists

08 Oct 2019 | Dom Fenner, Organisational Development Lead

The 10th of October was World Mental Health Day. We recognise that wellness of our...

DownloadSeptember 2019

Teaching Leaders

26 Sep 2019 | Amy Brook, Assistant Principal

At the end of August, I was fortunate enough to be one of 500 colleagues...

Summer Works

26 Sep 2019

Over £600,000 has been invested into our Academies over the summer. Below are some of...

Oakhill’s Got Talent!

26 Sep 2019 | By Lisa McCarthy, Head of School

Young Writers Oakhill submitted creative writing for a competition in conjunction with Horrible Histories—Ancient Adventures....

Arbor Webinars

25 Sep 2019

Looking for a refresher course ahead of the forthcoming census returns? Sign up for the...

Apprenticeship Updates

25 Sep 2019

Teaching Apprenticeship Programme This September saw five colleagues from Wellspring Academies commence a two year...

Outdoor Developments

18 Sep 2019 | Jessica Jenkins, Head of School

As part of the school improvement journey at Oakwell Rise, we always knew a town...

Busy Being Brilliant

15 Sep 2019 | Emma Beveridge, Executive Principal

Two academies, almost 100 staff, over 600 children; on September 2nd this created ONE awesome...

Directors of Learning

02 Sep 2019 | Chris Jessup & Dave Whitaker, Directors of Learning

We are incredibly proud and excited to have been appointed as Wellspring’s Directors of Learning....

Magic Breakfast

01 Sep 2019

Executive Principal Sam Bailey and CEO Mark Wilson formed part of a Parliamentary lobby of...

DownloadJune 2019

Trust Reading Network

28 Jun 2019 | Katie Pierce

In March The Forest Academy hosted the first Wellspring Reading Network. We welcomed leaders from...

Magic Moments

28 Jun 2019 | Lisa McCarthy

Physical activity improves physical, social and emotional health & wellbeing. The Barnsley Primary Partnership’s aim...

Paws and Read

28 Jun 2019

Littlecoates recently hosted a ‘Paws and Read’ session from charity Therapy Dogs Nationwide with local...

MP Visits Beacon

28 Jun 2019

Martin Vickers MP, who represents Cleethorpes, met students from the Engineering and Performing Arts departments...

Resilience in Leeds

28 Jun 2019 | Ann-Marie Walker

In Leeds we are on a mission to: Raise awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)...

DownloadMay 2019

Strategy Group Success

24 May 2019 | Dom Fenner, Organisational Development Lead

Our four Strategy Groups (Recruit & Retain, Workforce Wellbeing, Professional Learning Community and System Influence)...

Elements Inspires

24 May 2019 | Sarah Horsbrough, Executive Principal

The speed with which our new school building is being constructed is truly inspiring and...

Inside the Factory

24 May 2019 | Sarah Horsbrough, Executive Principal

On Wednesday 1 March I was thrilled to travel with Trust colleagues to Belfast to...


21 May 2019 | Emma Beveridge, Associate Principal

Saturday 27 April saw the first of what we hope will be many BrewEd events...

Greenpower at Park

03 May 2019 | Phil Burns, Assistant Principal

This year students from Park House entered Greenpower’s Electric Car Race which was held on...

Young Enterprise Awards

03 May 2019 | Phil Burns, Assistant Principal

Students from Phoenix Park and Sevenhills Academy competed in the Young Enterprise Company Programme Area...

DownloadApril 2019

DownloadMarch 2019

Strategy Group Developments

29 Mar 2019 | Dom Fenner, Organisational Development Lead

The four Strategy Groups (Recruit and Retain, Workforce Wellbeing, Professional Learning Community and System Influence)...

February 2019


26 Feb 2019

Emma Beveridge has organised a social event for people interested in all things education! (#BrewEd)....

The Power of Play

26 Feb 2019 | Debby Tinker, Assistant Headteacher

In the Early Years we appreciate how vital play is. It is the way in...

SEND Reference Group

26 Feb 2019 | David Mills, Executive Vice Principal

I was thrilled to represent Phoenix Park and Sevenhills (as well as Wellspring Academy Trust)...

What a Journey so far

26 Feb 2019 | Carrie Green, Executive Principal

What a journey so far…Bramley Park Academy is now about to start the beginning of...

Wellspring Digital is now Live

01 Feb 2019 | Jonny Wathen, Chief Information Officer

Wellspring Digital, the Trusts intranet, is now live! The portal provides a single platform...

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