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March 2019

Strategy Group Developments

29 Mar 2019 | Dom Fenner, Organisational Development Lead

The four Strategy Groups (Recruit and Retain, Workforce Wellbeing, Professional Learning Community and System Influence)...

February 2019


26 Feb 2019

Emma Beveridge has organised a social event for people interested in all things education! (#BrewEd)....

The Power of Play

26 Feb 2019 | Debby Tinker, Assistant Headteacher

In the Early Years we appreciate how vital play is. It is the way in...

SEND Reference Group

26 Feb 2019 | David Mills, Executive Vice Principal

I was thrilled to represent Phoenix Park and Sevenhills (as well as Wellspring Academy Trust)...

What a Journey so far

26 Feb 2019 | Carrie Green, Executive Principal

What a journey so far…Bramley Park Academy is now about to start the beginning of...

Wellspring Digital is now Live

01 Feb 2019 | Jonny Wathen, Chief Information Officer

Wellspring Digital, the Trusts intranet, is now live! The portal provides a single platform...

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