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Coronavirus COVID-19: Information and Advice 

This page will contain the latest updates and information about the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), in the United Kingdom, and the Trust’s response.

Firstly, please be assured that our primary concern is for the health and safety of all of our students and staff. It is understandable that this is a stressful and anxious time, due to novelty of the virus, so knowledge is not pre-existing, thus is developing daily.

On Wednesday 11th March 2020, the Coronavirus outbreak, was declared a Global Pandemic, and the United Kingdom progressed into the ‘Delay’ phase of disease management, on Thursday 12th March 2020.

We are closely following the advice which is issued by the UK Government and Public Health England (PHE), and are making all necessary arrangements and steps to ensure the safety of the of students and staff.

Headteachers/Principals will be taking decisions on a day by day, case by case basis. If a decision to close becomes necessary, it will be based on an overall Health and Safety consideration.

We ask you to bear in mind the scale, complexity and seriousness of the situation. Our aim always will be to safeguard the interests of our children and our staff.

Please familiaraise yourself with the information of this page, which will continually be updated as the situation develops.


Covid 19 Privacy Notices


Information: 3rd November 2020

The health, safety and welfare of our young people and staff have been at the forefront of our thinking and planning throughout the COVID period. Our arrangements are designed to be resilient to the challenges ahead.  We thank all our stakeholders for their trust, patience and understanding throughout these unprecedented times. We have fully developed risk-management protocols in place for incidences of COVID-19 in our schools/Academies.  Our approach to school/ Academy opening is as follows:

  • We will make every effort possible to keep our schools/ Academies open fully where it is safe to do so and where there is no jeopardy to the welfare of pupils and staff.
  • Where full opening is not possible for reasons described above, we will make every effort to maintain the fullest partial provision we can where it is safe to do so and where there is no jeopardy to the welfare of pupils and staff.
  • In the event that insufficient staff are available or there is a substantial threat to safety and welfare, the Trust, in consultation with the school/Academy’s leadership team, will make the decision to close the school/ Academy for a set minimum period, effect the necessary safety and organisational measures and then reopen.

We understand our very important public duty to educate our young people, particularly after such a lengthy period out of school. We realise that periods of school closure place additional strains upon families and work that we would all far rather not have. Our focus is to support children and families by keeping schools/Academies open but where events mean a temporary closure is necessary, we aim to continue teaching with virtual support and resources.

Our schools/ Academies are working hard to keep our communities closely informed and ensuring parents and carers are kept up to date with any changes affecting their children’s teaching.  Our sincere thanks for everyone’s ongoing support as we continue to navigate these extremely challenging times.


Information: 22nd May 2020

We would like to commend the work of all our Headteachers, school staff and our families throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period.  These have been the most challenging times in education in living memory.

Our Academies have communicated their forward plans to each school community.  Our Headteachers have sought to provide as much certainty as possible in what are very uncertain times and has planned to prioritise safety in conditions that still have many unknowns.

What we all want, of course, is for all of our children to be in school and learning.  What we all want, of course, is that our children and everybody else is 100% safe in that pursuit.  The dilemma remains that we cannot achieve both of these ambitions at the same time at the moment.  We remain in close contact with our communities and will inform them of changes to organisation and provision, as they happen.

We will be welcoming more of our young people back into school soon as safety and good sense dictate.


Information: 15th May 2020

You will be aware of the Government’s recently announced ambition for a possible phased re-opening of schools from 1st June.  The Trust, together with our Headteachers, have been working on plans for expanding onsite numbers for some time.  You will understand many of the challenges involved.

Our planning for increasing the number of people (children and staff) on our school sites has considered:

  1. Health & Safety
  2. The Physical Environment
  3. Staffing
  4. Services
  5. Scheduling (Workforce availability, Onsite provision, Offsite provision, Student attendance)
  6. The Community

Our first principle is that any expansion of onsite numbers must be safe enough to command the confidence of you, our parents, our teachers and our School Leaders.  Our Headteachers are the people who makes the decision every day about the safety of the site to be open.  This decision is an even more difficult one in the current circumstances.  It is taken with care, always.  It is taken in the best interests of everyone involved, always.

Any increase in onsite numbers in school must be measured and very carefully managed. We will not put anybody at risk. We will speak with our communities in order to understand personal circumstances and feelings about returning to school.  We understand that there will be a wide range of feelings and, likely, some anxieties.  This careful planning will take place over the coming days and weeks.


Information: 24th March 2020

Firstly we would like to thank you all for your valued and inspiring commitment to the Trust, whether parent, guardian or professional.

We continue to work together with our community of School Leaders and Support Centre Chief Officers during this unprecedented time. We will continue to communicate as much as we can about what is happening next as and when we are able.

Our Estates Teams continue to work heroically to maintain safe and fit premises for occupancy across our regions. Our Mindspace Team is working incredibly hard in the background to respond to the situation with support, advice and guidance. Our Academies Teams are working selflessly to support those young people and families who need them most.

We have seen on Social Media, how our students are enjoying Home Learning with their parents, and appreciate that this is new territory for all. However, we would like to thank the parents and guardians for their continued support to their children and the Trust. We have seen parents demonstrate outstanding dedication to the education and development of the children.

Also we would like to thank the Teachers and Professionals of the Trust, who are steadfast in their support of our Academies, and the children who are still in attendance. They have shown the tremendous spirit of the Trust, and the commitment we have to the children in our Academies. Together, we truly do make a difference.


Information: Updated 10th March 2020 

The COVID-19 strain of Coronavirus was identified in Wuhan within China’s Hubei province, December 2019. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the virus a public health emergency of international concern 30 January 2019, though at the time of writing the virus has not been declared ‘a pandemic’.

Anticipating that the virus will continue to spread in the western hemisphere including the United Kingdom, Wellspring Academy Trust (WAT) has prepared this briefing and accompanying risk assessment to consider the impact on its operation, including to employees, facilities and supply chains. This is designed to support informed, rapid decision making to take account of what is a fast-changing situation.

Whilst Public Health England (PHE)/Government advice to schools remains unchanged since 28 February 2020, news reports 9 March indicated that the Government may move the UK from the “contain” phase of its response to a “delay” phase. This would mean that the focus shifts to reducing the speed of growth rather than preventing geographical spread. The below information and risk assessment focuses on the approach currently recommended (“contain”) – i.e. business as usual with minimal impact.


Further Information

If you feel you would like further information, please see links below. However, please be ensured, that the information provided to personnel, will be accurate based on the pivotal information provided by the Central Parties of the UK Government.