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Aspirant Teacher Programme

10 Jun 2020   |   Positive Regard TSA   |   Positive Regard TSA

Positive Regard are excited to be offering the Aspirant Teacher Programme. The course has been designed and will be delivered by Sarah Jones, Executive Vice Principal, Springwell Alternative Academies Spalding and Grantham.

Sarah said “Across Springwell Spalding and Grantham we have lots of amazing TAs, HLTAs, and unqualified teachers, who are so brilliant at building relationships with children and young people, so empathetic, so fun, and so creative. They have the potential to be truly incredible teachers, but many don’t have a degree, and aren’t able to take the time off work to go and do one, so can’t access the more formal teacher training routes.

Speaking to staff in my two schools, I realised there is a big appetite amongst support staff for training and development that introduces them to the basics of teaching and other material they have missed out on by not yet having done QTS.”

Aspirant Teacher is a year-long course that focuses on pedagogy – how do we plan our time in the classroom so that children will learn? How do we construct tasks
that will engage and excite them, and lead to powerful learning? How can we find out what they have understood? How can we make sure we are challenging them at the right level, and giving them the support they need?

In the aspirant teacher programme we explore what research and evidence tell us about these questions, and participants work together to put their learning into
practice in their own classrooms. Then we come back together and reflect on how it went and what we can learn from that.

Recently, Sarah ran a virtual taster session for people who might be interested in participating in this programme next year and we were delighted that over 30 colleagues from across Wellspring joined the session, all as excited about an hour’s conversation about the purpose of learning objectives!

Many of these staff have since expressed an interest in being a participant next year. It is fantastic to see staff so committed to their own development, to building their skills so they can make even more of a difference.

Click here to view the course flyer. 

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