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Asthma Friendly Schools

02 Oct 2020   |   Laura Reader   |   Springwell Leeds

In October, we were awarded ‘Asthma Friendly Schools’ status. This is an award we have prepared for throughout lockdown, and of which we are immensely proud.

Our Vice Principal, Laura Reader, has severe asthma, as does her daughter. Her daughter spent two weeks on the High
Dependency Unit at Pinderfields Hospital this year with a respiratory virus. This fuelled Laura’s desire to see schools do more to support asthmatic children. Springwell Leeds South maintains a comprehensive asthma register, has a stock of emergency inhalers and spacing devices and regularly trains staff in asthma care. In addition, we have also worked hard to raise awareness of staff with respiratory health conditions.

Returning into the in-school workforce following lockdown, all asthmatic staff took part in an individual risk assessment process, to support them with managing their condition in work, and allowed us to educate their colleagues of the condition. This means there is an open culture of support for asthma, which has been a big confidence builder for students living with
the condition and has provided an extra layer of reassurance to parents in the midst of the pandemic.

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