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Back 2 School

02 Sep 2020   |   John Noden   |   Eastfield Infants and Nursery Academy, Lacey Gardens Junior Academy

When I see ‘Back 2 school’, I normally think of uniform, pencil cases, totally unnecessary but super
cool stationery, and notepads – all of the notepads! This year however was a little bit different. Not Notepads; a new approach.

At LaceyField, our dream is to enable staff, families and children to be the best version of themselves, and we know that in order to do this, we must first be regulated. With support from Positive Regard, our staff were welcomed back this year with training to enhance understanding and resources which enable our children to be regulated and ready for learning so that they can achieve this dream. A huge part of this involves our nurture breakfast. Much more than a chat and a bagel, this invaluable time allows us to ensure the children’s basic needs are met, that relationships are built and that children feel a genuine sense of care and belonging so that they are in an optimal state of readiness for learning.

Not rulers; regulated learners
The result of this has been incredible. It has been a genuine pleasure to walk around the academy and see the hunger for learning in every classroom, and the results of this too. Despite the understandable media concern with regards to how well pupils would cope after such an extended period of time away from school, we could not be happier with how they have settled back into our routines, rituals and the rules of our slightly adapted environment.

Not pencil cases; pedagogy
During the Lockdown period, our amazing staff didn’t slow down – there was a library of Alexandria style list of online CPD which they chose to work through ready for the time that we would return and could try out some of the amazing things they have been learning. It is wonderful to see these new and revised pedagogies in practise, and to see staff empowered to try out new things when it would be so easy to stick to life as we know it in uncertain times.

Not uniforms; unity
One of the great strengths of Wellspring as a community is our sense of unity and collaboration. Throughout the whole period from March to September, there were colleagues at all levels collaborating, challenging, sharing and supporting as we all strived to ensure the best provision for each of our individual and unique communities.

This sense of collaboration has continued into the new term with staff from key year groups teaming up with colleagues at Bramley Park to look at how best to support some of our younger learners who were out of school during a crucial time in their development, and how our provision can support this development now.

As we approach the end of our first month back, I am proud of how all of our pupils and staff have embraced the current situation, and the excellent foundation we have established. Everyone truly is busy being brilliant.   

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