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Building a Positive Sense of Self with Thrive

24 May 2019   |   Jess Farnsworth, Co-teacher   |   Joseph Norton Academy

What a busy week Group 2a have had. Our favourite time of the week is Thrive. The Thrive approach uses neuroscience, attachment theory and child development to create a powerful way of working with children that supports their social and emotional development. At Joseph Norton in KS2, we spend our afternoons participating in Thrive activities that help us build a positive sense of self and build optimal learning capacity.
Some of our favourite Thrive activities are mindfulness sessions, arts and crafts and outdoor activities. This week, we used great team work to build a group robot. We decided to use recycled materials, which we brought in from home. We were all amazed at how many materials can be recycled and were really proud of our efforts to collect so many different materials. We delegated roles and each of us created a different body part. We used our incredible imaginations to design buttons for our robot – all with different functions!
The time we spend in Thrive helps us recognise different emotions. We thought about empathy this week and how we can sympathise with others. We then applied this to our English lesson. We have been reading The Iron Man and thought about how the characters may be feeling. We wrote superb letters from Hogarth to The Iron Man, to apologise for trapping him. Our Thrive activities help us improve all aspects of our development and learning and we can’t wait to continue on our Thrive journey.

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