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Busy Being Brilliant

15 Sep 2019   |   Emma Beveridge, Executive Principal   |   Eastfield Infants and Nursery Academy, Lacey Gardens Junior Academy

Two academies, almost 100 staff, over 600 children; on September 2nd this created ONE awesome team.

Eastfield Infants’ and Nursery Academy and Lacey Gardens Junior Academy are two large academies in Louth, Lincolnshire who joined the Wellspring family in November 2018. But most importantly, they are two wonderful Academies in which children are at the heart of all that they do. Having been lucky enough to be appointed as the executive principal for #LaceyField, September marked the beginning of an amazing journey. Just one week in and mountains have already been moved. Working together for the first time, the LaceyField team started with a white blank page.


The mission?

Back before Apollo 11, a researcher entered Houston to find out what makes a system work. He asked the top dog, ‘what is your mission’, his response, ‘to put a man on the moon’. The researcher asked that question of everyone else in the building from analysts to cleaners to astronauts. He asked the guy who mopped the floors on a casual contract for an hour a day, ‘what is your mission?’, his response, ‘to put a man on the moon of course’! ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’ and systems work when everyone knows the goal. LaceyField started life by developing the mission. We looked at WAGOLLS, we talked, we mused, we came up with one and scrapped it. A mission has to be right and you know when you’ve found it…


The tools to learn

With the mission in debate, we turned to the tools to do the job. Some use BLP (Building Learning Power), some use Find the Leader in Me, some the 5Rs but what makes these initiatives for culture and ethos work is that they are tailored to the needs of the academy in which they live. The LaceyField team designed the Bs! We decided that in order for children, families and staff to be successful in education and beyond, you need to;

  • Be brave
  • Be Kind
  • Be in charge of myself
  • Be honest
  • Be curious
  • Be on the team

And that’s when we found the mission… we’re ‘Busy Being Brilliant’ of course!


Paradigm shift

When I got the call and was offered the job, other than being in total disbelief, my mind immediately started to dream. To dream about what this academy could do for the staff, the children and the community it serves. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how incredibly hard the staff would work and, as a result, the rapid culture shift that would follow. Standing in front of the assembly hall on day one is always my favourite moment but the magic came when we used our BEEhaviour for learning language and it worked. ‘Show me in charge of you’ and they rose. ‘Thank you for being brave’ and they were courageous. We have found the magic.


Watch this space…

We are brave and we are kind and we know that we have a journey ahead. LaceyField is an incredibly special place that is going to continue to move mountains. Please follow @LaceyFieldLouth to see our journey or pop and visit us. We’re ‘Busy Being Brilliant’ and we invite you to do the same.

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