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Celebrating Black History Month

02 Oct 2020   |   Reece Eschoe   |   Springwell Leeds

Here at Springwell Leeds South, we are happy to be celebrating Black History Month with our diverse Springwell family. From class talks on the effects of racism in today’s world to learning about positive black history, here at Springwell we are trying to cover all bases within our diverse community. We kicked off our Black History Month celebrations with a poem written by Mr Eschoe (Springwell Leeds South Care Team Leader) which he read in virtual assembly, to launch our Springwell South Poetry competition. We had a beautiful entry from Konneur Dooley:

“Mr Eschoe, you inspire me differently, Remember the first lesson that we did, yeah it was history. The first time I seen you, who you were was a mystery. Yeah, now let me switch it up, we used to play Football, seen the ball and we’d kick it up, but from one coloured man to another, all this racist stuff man, my skin I want to cover.

Makes me smile when I see you all you say is ‘Bless up’ Or ‘Don’t stress, stay blessed. ‘See that one there, yeah it hits me in my chest, because every time you say it, makes me think about chess, you know the blacks and whites, oh if the world was like that, just imagine the sights. But for now we take it back, from the first day I seen you man, my schoolwork’s done better, the first thing you said to me was, ‘You’re a go getter!’ I was bare gassed, jumping up like Tigger, yeah Mr Eschoe man, you’re my… Bigger brother, you inspired me to do my drumming and my raps, you’re far ahead in life my guy, don’t look back. And all these racists, they won’t make it far, they’re waiting at the bus stop you drive past them in your car.

Man the old days, I reminisce, you were my 1 to 1, ain’t have no time for other kids… but times change and man I’ve grown up, I was misbehaving, nah I didn’t own up, but now you’re back I’ve been behaving well, no more fighting got a box to the face man my lip went swell, but nah I’m done with the verse, I ain’t doing another, Mr Eschoe man I love you yeah, respect my brother.”

Our Students have also produced thought provoking presentations about people they each view as positive black role models: Lewis Hamilton, Rosa Parks and Chadwick Boseman. To help develop better understanding of diversity and relationships, we have also watched documentaries and held discussions on different cultures and racial language within music.

Not only is our work around diversity focussed on educating our pupils, but vitally, we have also been educating ourselves as staff by attending diversity webinars and debriefs to help to make our curriculum more diverse and to improve our own and others’ understanding of other cultures. Staff have found this work to be informative and empowering. We are proud of the work of our community this term. From all at Springwell Leeds South, Happy Black History Month.

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