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Class of 2019: Wellspring Academy NQTs

29 Mar 2019   |   Emma Beveridge, Associate Principal   |   Wellspring Academy Trust

“The most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives” – Robert John Meehan

The second Wellspring NQT event for the class of 2019 had a lively start and an even livelier end. Teachers from across the Trust were joined by Phil Hutchinson, Emma Beveridge, Lisa Forge, Luke Mitchell, Jacob Lawton, Ash Lucas, Helen Clowrey and Amy Brooke in a day of celebration and development. The design of the day came directly from the feedback following our first event in November and included sessions on understanding parents, attachment and trauma, Mastery Maths, SEND and input from our Positive Regard Behaviour Specialists. The event was a huge success! Thank you everybody involved.

The day was kicked off by Phil Hutchinson, who engaged NQT’s in a speed-dating-style session to share their journeys so far. Our teachers shared their successes and beautiful mistakes. These networking opportunities are so important and are always strongly encouraged. Next up Emma Beveridge led a session on understanding parents. Acting with unconditional positive regard and an ethos of kindness when approaching parents was discussed and explored. The NQTs got the chance to roleplay how they would work with parents using the PACE model (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Understanding) as a framework. Just before lunch, the leadership forums for Behaviour, mastery maths, SEND and KS1 took place. This gave the NQTs a chance to ask subject specific questions that were personalised to their context. There was a buzz of activity in the room.

After Lunch, Lisa Forge educated all of us on trauma and attachment. Lisa outlined the varying attachment types and how they may present in the classroom. NQTs got the chance to identify the different types using some Harry Potter themed character analysis. Lisa also worked through research and information relating to Adverse Childhood Experiences and how to support some of our most vulnerable pupils in the classroom. Follow this link for more information on ACEs

Finally, we had magic and mayhem from our Positive Regard Behaviour Specialists. Luke Mitchell set us off with some magic tricks and even let us in on the secrets to how they work. The afternoon continued by watching and analysing Care Team interactions with students to enable NQTs to better support children when they are finding it difficult to engage in learning. Jacob and Luke then continued the afternoon with some Theraplay games which I think the staff enjoyed far more than they children will. Further proof that teachers are just big kids!

The day was fantastic, and the feedback was even better. One of our NQTs left the following comment on a feedback form to outline what they enjoyed most, ‘Literary everything, I didn’t stop writing, I can’t pick one thing’. Once again, a huge thank you to all involved and we look forward to hearing about the positive impact that this day has had on your practice in the classroom.

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