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Digital Inclusion Strategy

13 Jun 2020   |   Jonny Wathen   |   Wellspring Academy Trust

Our digital inclusion strategy aims to ensure that all pupils have access to technology that supports learning beyond the classroom. The current pandemic has seen a number of government-backed initiatives launched to support this endeavour and ensure that we do all we
can to minimise any digital disadvantage.

Many of our academies were already established users of cloud platforms such as GSuite, however the use of tools such as Google
Classroom has further enabled staff and pupils to seamlessly transition to online learning as a response to COVID19 and the closure of schools.

A recent DfE platform provisioning grant was secured and helped ensure all Wellspring academies have the capability to automatically create pupil accounts once a pupil is added to Arbor MIS. A further enhancement courtesy of Primary ICT is a free one year service for all Wellspring schools that enables the automatic set-up of Google Classrooms through a Wonde MIS connector.

In addition, we are also progressing an order as part of a DfE funded connectivity scheme for disadvantaged year 10 pupils. This will provide some hardware and internet access to those who need it most.

Wellspring academies have also implemented a range of strategies to ensure our pupils can access learning from home.

Strategies include a 1-2-1 device strategy at Elements, the use of digital surveys at Greenacre to assess what access pupils had to technology and the issuing of some mobile devices to ensure home learning can take place. Digital Champions were used at The Forest Academy to improve the digital literacy of families within their community.

Despite this fantastic work, it is also acknowledged that some pupils are in need of further assistance to bridge the gap. Primary ICT have worked at pace to provide Wellspring academies with a cost effective, bespoke solution that ensures no pupil is left behind.

The ConnectED Bundle: Device (Chromebook) + Router with Internet Access (Unlimited data for 12m) + Filtering (Securely) = circa £750  Circa £550 for reduced package with 5GB Limit per month with option to top up data.


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