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Directors of Learning

02 Sep 2019   |   Chris Jessup & Dave Whitaker, Directors of Learning

We are incredibly proud and excited to have been appointed as Wellspring’s Directors of Learning. Our role is to support leaders in the pursuit of their vision for schools, secure excellent outcomes for pupils and develop the wide range of talent that exists throughout our school communities.

Above all,  it is to celebrate, promote and encourage the ‘everyday magic’ that occurs in our diverse settings and demonstrate that our values and ethos make us individually great and collectively exceptional.

The role is designed to provide a link between schools, the Executive Team and the Trust Board. We understand that the best way to support and encourage colleagues is to be in schools – listening, talking and learning. That is a very clear commitment to the wider system.

There are five main overarching areas that make up the role – System Influence, Impact and Value, Leadership Development, Academy Development and Quality Assurance.

Collaboration between colleagues and the varied communities that make up Wellspring will be a feature of the roles. We have exciting and innovative plans for Centres of Excellence, for Expert Practitioners and for Leadership modules that will be part of an ongoing professional entitlement that will add value to the wider system as a whole.

We are committed to embedding our assurance frameworks and we will be at the heart of these self-improving systems throughout the year. We will also play our part in developing new relationships and deepening existing ones with the wider local, regional and national picture – being the ‘outward face’ of the Trust in dialogue with external partners, like-minded colleagues and statutory regulators.

We have taken up the post at an incredibly exciting time for the Trust. We are growing in terms of schools and also in reputation. We have exciting plans for our digital presence, to encourage innovation in curriculum design, to build capacity with leaders at all levels and to act as a voice of social responsibility within the sector.

The values, attitudes and dispositions  that attracted us to work for the Trust in the first instance are the ones that we daily  see in our schools, our Support Centre, our governors, our staff and – above all – our pupils.We are constantly reminded what a privilege it is to be a part of this wider movement and are determined to ensure that the role of Director of Learning will strengthen Wellspring as a Trust that is truly determined to make a difference.

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