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Expert Practitioners – Pen Portraits

20 Feb 2020   |   Chris Jessup   |   Wellspring Academy Trust

We will be meeting members of our exciting new Expert Practitioner Network in our newsletters. Our Expert Practitioners are experts in their field, who are committed to using their skills, experience and expertise to help our system as a whole. Draw on their expertise. Connect with them. Let’s forge expert learning communities together.


Francesca McEvoy
Specialism: Physical Education & Positive Relationships
School: Beacon Academy
Twitter:  @FrancescaMcEvoy

As Head of Physical Education at Beacon Academy, Cleethorpes, it is my priority to ensure that all children unleash their individual potential through the medium of sports. It is crucial that children develop their soft skills to prepare them for a successful adult life. Children should have access to wider, equal opportunities in sports and that is something we work very hard to provide, for both primary and secondary aged children.

A positive climate for learning ensures that children thrive in their educational successes no matter their starting point, nor their journey’s destination. At Beacon, we successfully do this through Positive Progress; a strategy implemented through my NPQSL spell. Positive Progress sees children rewarded for all positive behaviours. This strategy encourages pupils to attend school, have a love of learning and to experience positive learning opportunities. My vision is to ensure that all children get a second, third and even fourth chance to ‘get it right’, to guide them through their behavioural choices and ensure that they leave the academy as well-rounded citizens.


Laura Adamson
Specialism: Parental Engagement
School: Greenacre School

I have held and developed the role of Family Liaison and Attendance Officer at Greenacre School in Barnsley for the last 2 years. I have professionally developed throughout my 11 years of employment within Greenacre, being an enthusiastic lead in focused areas throughout the Academy and Barnsley’s local community. I am one of Greenacre’s Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads, a Supportive Lead of the Family Team and a lead within a complex needs support team.

My passion and commitment is to drive up standards and expectations in the areas for which I am responsible, with the fundamental objective continuing to be to provide a service that delivers outstanding provision resulting in the best possible outcomes for all young people. I have an eagerness in promoting parental/carer engagement within schools to enable reduction in safeguarding concerns, improve Attendance and enhance student progress and development overall. I am committed and passionate about supporting schools to improve their SEN provision, promoting learning opportunities for complex pupils, ensuring there is a high level of personalisation following a social inclusion model.




Claire Batley
Specialism: Maths
School: Oakwell Rise Primary Academy

I am passionate about Mathematics. I want the children to leave our school with the core skills to use and apply in everyday life but more importantly, I want them to leave with a love for the subject and the hunger to accept any mathematical challenge and know that they can find a solution. I am passionate about providing our children with the opportunities they need to enable them to access a wide range of scenarios and everyday situations and for them  to be prepared for the world that greets them outside of our doors.

For me, there is no finer moment than when you see a child who has finally grasped a concept. We all come in different shapes and sizes and we all learn in different ways. To see a child succeed and to be proud of their success is a wonderful sight. Giving children a champion and providing them with a safe environment that they can thrive in and want to come back to day after day, week after week, is what teaching is all about for me.



Andrew Wilson
Specialism: SEN
School: Greenacre School

I have worked within SEND settings for the last eleven years. During this time I have taught across key stages 1, 2 & 3 with pupils with a wide range of differing needs inline with our schools social inclusion model. I am currently the Numeracy Lead for the whole school leading on curriculum development and implementation of effective teaching strategies for pupils of all abilities. I am passionate about leading on a broad and balanced curriculum that is above all engaging, motivating and accessible to pupils regardless of their need.

We are constantly aiming to improve our practice through use of collaborative teaching and use of technology such as IRIS connect, which allows us to reflect on teaching and learning inline with our school ethos. I have also been an NQT mentor and am an advanced Team Teach trainer.  In addition to this I have lead training in school and at other schools covering; Coaching, Moderation, Supporting TA professional development, Video coaching and the use of IRIS connect, engaging and supporting pupils with SEND in a mainstream setting, Post incident positive listening/Debrief, Incident reporting development.



Harriet Barber
Specialism: Motivation & Self-esteem
School: Phoenix Park Academy
Twitter: @MissBarberPPA

I am extremely passionate about providing a nurturing approach to teaching and learning and making a difference to all pupils at Phoenix House. I strive to build positive relationships with pupils and take great care of ensuring pupils are listened to, with the aim of achieving successful outcomes. Working with vulnerable pupils can be particularly challenging, and therefore it is important that I develop a sense of trust with pupils and their families.

I take great pride in encouraging pupils to achieve their goals, and build self-esteem and motivation through a variety of teaching activities.  I enjoy the exciting and rewarding journey of teaching children to become fluent readers, building confidence and self-esteem through embedding a variety of reading schemes. I ensure that I have a good understanding of pupils’ needs, to allow myself and the wider Key Stage 2 team to implement the necessary strategies to support all aspects of pupils’ development.



Ryan Gladwin
Specialism: Behaviour
School: Joseph Norton
Twitter: @GladwinRyan

I am passionate about improving the life chances and opportunities for young people with SEMH.  I believe that all behaviour is a form of communication and that pupils with SEMH often need additional support to understand their emotions and feelings.

Often these feelings and emotions are caused by Adverse Childhood Experiences and a lack of positive role models within their life.  I believe that by using trauma informed practice, expert teaching and learning and unconditional positive regard then we can reduce intergenerational trauma and ensure that pupils with SEMH needs have greater opportunities to become positive contributors to society.

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