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Gods, Mortals and Superheroes in Mablethorpe

12 Oct 2020   |   Steve Cumberworth   |   Springwell Lincolnshire

The primary team and pupils at Springwell Mablethorpe have soared straight into the sky this term with their new topic: Gods and Mortals. Their enthusiasm was incredible!

After fierce competition in their very own ancient Olympic games, everybody got to take their place on the podium. To become authentic ancient Greeks, pupils made olive wreaths which were proudly worn by all children in celebration. We recreated the Parthenon using recycled resources, and pupils quickly adapted to the role of being masters to their slave adults (the teachers were great actors).

After a long morning of slaving (!), the teachers led their classes by cooking and eating ancient Greek cuisines. Everyone tried something new and unusual. The students used this experience to explore adjectives and develop their extended writing skills by describing what they had eaten. Sculpting and pottery lessons followed, allowing pupils to showcase their creative and artistic skills. The children produced some fabulous artefacts which they displayed with immense pride. Pupils enjoyed creating fact files about the Greek Gods and imagining themselves within this role, thus expanding their ideas to compare Gods and modern day Superheroes.

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