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Great fire of London

05 Feb 2020   |   Karen Burrows   |   Springwell Lincolnshire

During the Spring 1 Term, pupils in Primary 1, Springwell Grantham, were covering the topic ‘Bright Lights, Big City’.  We had an exciting start with a visit from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who came to visit our class for afternoon tea.

Another memorable week was learning all about the Great Fire of London.  The children read different accounts of the event including one from the perspective of a cat who disappeared just after the fire broke out … luckily to be found several days later looking after a precious bundle of kittens. The children used their art skills to make pictures of the fire using coloured tissue and black paper to represent the flames and the burning houses.

They baked bread and thought about Thomas Farryner and his bakery in Pudding Lane where the fire started.  The pupils used junk materials to make models of houses as they would have looked back in 1666. On the Thursday we had an exciting visit from Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue who told the pupils about different aspects of fire safety and then showed them around the fire engine.  Finally, they set fire (very carefully) to our practice models so that we could observe firsthand how quickly the flames would have spread from house to house.

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