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Happy Hampers

25 Jun 2020   |   Phil Burns   |   Phoenix Park Academy

At Phoenix Park and Sevenhills Academies we have been focused onensuring the welfare of our students and their families is at the forefront of our thinking. During the Covid19 lockdown our staff have contacted every student and family on a daily basis in order to check in, offer support and promote our online educational offer.

Through these important liaisons we were able to identify a number of vulnerable families who were struggling with the additional pressure of providing food on reduced incomes and who needed additional assistance.

In response to this, Mr Williamson, Park House Care Team, contacted a number of local businesses and supermarkets for donations to help us create food parcels to share amongst our school community. Mr Williamson gave context to our settings and how families of our students would benefit from and be grateful for any support. We were not disappointed by the response!

The manager of Tesco had previously worked in a PRU and really wanted to get behind this initiative and we were blown away by their generosity and that of local Spars who donated a total of £160 along with a trolley full of food items.

During half term Park House staff spent a day sorting through the items and organising personalised hampers to best suit identified families. After a lot of hard work we created a total of 33 food hampers!

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