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Heroes at Oakhill Academy

06 Feb 2020   |   Oakhill Primary Academy

Children at Oakhill, along with other local children have been shortlisted for an award of bravery for their quick thinking actions which helped to save a man’s life. The award ceremony is the Central Area Council Celebration and Awards Evening taking place on Thursday 26 March at the Metrodome.

Below is the story which led them to being nominated, witnessed by a Parent at Oakhill.

‘Kids these days, no respect!’

We hear this all the time. Well here is a tale of 2 groups of our local children.

On Monday afternoon I was driving up Doncaster road in Ardsley, as I passed the antique center (The Old chapel) I noticed across the road in the bus shelter, a group of young teenagers all gathered round an old man who was slouched on the bench inside the shelter. Although I knew some of them by sight, I only knew one by name, Charlie Goodyear. I turned the car round and pulled up in the bus stop and could see a young girl with her arm round this old guy trying to stop him falling to the floor, They told me he had stumbled and fell against the wall but looked like he was now asleep,  they had rung for an ambulance. I took the phone and spoke to the ambulance call handler, explained we had a vulnerable old chap who had labored breathing, wasn’t talking, eyes closed etc. After a few checks, his labored breathing gave concern that his heart may stop. The call handler had identified there was a defibrillator outside our church hall. I was given the code for the box, explained to Charlie to open the box using the code and bring the defibrillator to us, he and a couple of other boys set off with great haste with me shouting behind them, watch the roads!

The call handler was concerned if the old chaps’ heart stopped he could fall and we would need to act quickly so asked me to get him into the recovery position which I did. Shortly after, Charlie and his friends arrived with the defibrillator, then shortly after the ambulance arrived who took over the situation.

But it doesn’t end there.

I then found that a little earlier the old chap, who walked with a stick and was unsteady on his feet, was trying to cross our very busy dual carriageway. He was spotted by 3 younger girls who were playing in the park, they went to the roadside and helped see him across the road, not putting themselves at risk but watching the chap across and telling him it was ok to cross. I know these 3, being Freya Jezusek, Millie Goodyear and our daughter Millie Fletcher, who all attend Oakhill Primary Academy.

These children should be commended for what they did, unfortunately I don’t know all their names. These children did themselves proud and their parents should be proud of them too, as we all should.

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