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Inside the Factory

24 May 2019   |   Sarah Horsbrough, Executive Principal   |   Elements Primary School

On Wednesday 1 March I was thrilled to travel with Trust colleagues to Belfast to the factory where the modules forming the structure of the new Elements Primary School were being built.

The factory on the outskirts of the city was accommodating two schools at the time of our visit. Some of our modules were already wrapped and ready to ship but many were still being constructed.

It was an amazing sensation to stand in the rooms we have been looking at on plan for so long. To walk the corridors and classrooms of the new school was surreal, given we were hundreds of miles away from the school site. I could, a little at least, breathe some sighs of relief about the decisions I had made around layout and use of space.

Fast forward six days, I stood at the door welcoming the children into school with a convoy of lorries carrying the same modules we had been looking at the week before rolling down the hill towards the site. Our building had started to arrive.

Fast forward another ten days and our school is here. All modules are on site and in position. To see the same building in two different places in such a short space of time has been amazing. It all suddenly feels very real. We can now sit back and watch as the building continues to develop towards completion. What a privileged position we are in.



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