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Investing in people through Apprenticeships

29 Oct 2019   |   Natalie Hardman, Chief Administration Officer


We are able to use our Apprenticeship Levy fund to develop our workforce in a wide variety of ways. Qualifications are available from Level 2 through to Level 7 (Masters Degree) across a broad range of topics.  Our commitment is to invest in colleagues at all levels through creative pathways to help them achieve their ambitions.  In September Chief Officers Natalie Hardman, Josh Greaves and Jonny Wathen headed back to school to embark on an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration at The University of Sheffield.

The Executive MBA is a part-time and internationally recognised qualification. Funded through the Apprenticeship Levy, the programme is a Senior Leader apprenticeship.

The MBA apprenticeship group is comprised of around twenty five professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences making it a great forum for networking across different sectors.  Peer to peer mentoring gives colleagues the opportunity to learn from other like-minded professionals and learn from other organisations. The programme is a work-based learning route, described as stretching and challenging by our team.

Apprenticeships are available in your area. There are apprenticeships available to suit everyone’s development needs and aspirations.  If we do not use our Apprenticeship Levy fund it will be clawed back by the government.

Consider your development needs and ambitions. Consider those of the workforce as a whole.  Do some research into apprenticeships in your area as a means to help us all make an even greater difference.

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