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It Takes a Village

21 Sep 2020   |   Sarah Horsbrough   |   Elements Primary School

After 4 years of planning and development, 2 years of existing in portacabins and months of a pandemic we made it! Finally here at Elements we made it into our new building.

After a herculean effort by a dedicated team of people we not only moved in but we unpacked, set up and opened our doors on 7 September to welcome our children to their new home.

We are a small team at Elements and we could not have achieved all we needed to do without the amazing support of other willing teams of people who have joined us on our journey along the way. The Leeds estates team have been an amazing support not only on moving day but every day since. With their help we moved our school in a day – everything transported and delivered to rooms by 3pm! Amazing!

Our cleaning and kitchen teams then stepped in to get our school prepared for our children returning.
Giving us the certainty that when our doors opened it would be to a clean and safe school.

Behind the scenes of course there is always the need for support from the wider community and we have had it in spades.


Our central teams have been instrumental in the development, growth and establishment of Elements and we could not have got where we are without them.

Our Admin team, and in particular Natalie, have been on this journey the longest and got Elements off to
the best start possible.

Our constant need for recruitment and procurement as we built our school community has meant the
work of the Finance and HR teams has been integral to our success. Small budgets and small teams bring big challenges and we have been lucky to have been supported through them all.

Throughout this ‘building a new school’ process we have needed the expertise and skill set of our Capital Team. It has not been a smooth process by any means and we must recognise the fantastic support given to us by Josh, Shaun, Steve and Amie who, at times, battled alongside us, but much more often on our behalf, to ensure our children got the building and the environment they deserved.

Our ‘Google’ journey was initially a venture into the unknown and so to have the guidance and support
of Jonny and Primary ICT Support has been crucial. Who knew this one decision would not only shape
our practice but prepare us to continue our children’s teaching and learning during lock down with the
smoothest of transitions.

To have been given the opportunity by Mark to be creative, innovative and unique has been such a privilege and we strive to deliver this every day for our children and community who deserve nothing less.

Of course our staff team are amazing and the resilience they have shown through many failed handovers and the need to pack and unpack time and again has been nothing short of inspiring. They held on and we got there in the end.

To all our colleagues, central team, school leaders, staff teams, governors and friends, thank you.

We are so lucky to have such a fantastic environment in which our children can grow and develop. We
didn’t create this on our own. The fingerprints of all those mentioned and many more can be found in every aspect of our school.

When it is safe and you are comfortable please come and see us. You are always welcome. You’re part of our village

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