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KS3 at Mablethorpe

12 Oct 2020   |   By Tabitha Lomas   |   Springwell Lincolnshire

KS3 at Mablethorpe have had a real push on their reading sessions last half term. All students have embraced different environments to read in and have grown dramatically in confidence throughout. Students have re-named the session to family reading time, and every student reads out loud with growing confidence day by day. To be asked: “just one more chapter Miss!” is the greatest feeling in the world. Students have also written their own stories in English and wanted to read them to their peers.


KS3 at Mablethorpe have taken on a huge challenge with their extended writing. Not only have they planned in detail alongside their enquiry, ‘How do we get more energy?’ – they have learnt and evidenced the components of a graphic novel, changed the audience, and written a children’s book. The students are also working on writing a letter to encourage others to cut down their energy usage, in a bid to become more green. I couldn’t be prouder of the efforts, edits and attention to detail from all students.


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