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Level 2 Leadership Programme

10 Feb 2020   |   Kate Cowdroy   |   Positive Regard TSA

Positive Regard Teaching School developed a Leadership programme for all Wellspring Leaders delivered by Wellspring Executive Principals. The focused, six session programme gave leaders a theoretic look at leadership development, a diagnostic self-reflection and practical leadership knowledge development.

Kate Cowdroy, Bramley Park Academy is currently on this years’ programme and said ‘In my opinion, the main aim of this leadership programme was to help educate me and provide me with the essential skills and techniques I needed in order to look at challenges from a different perspective. It was evident from the start that the Level 2 Leadership course is centred around the Wellspring family and what it means to be a part of that.

Our own areas of need were established from the beginning and as a result our learning and focus was tailored to meet those needs. It has been very informative and a fantastic opportunity to meet others in a similar position. We have been able to draw on others’ knowledge and highlight our own expertise at the same time. I began the course, in all honesty, not feeling like much of a ‘middle leader’. However, I feel that this course has improved my self-confidence and I realise that while there is still a lot I don’t know yet, there is always help and support there when I need it’.

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