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Light up the Woods

05 Nov 2019   |   Amanda McGarry KS2 Phase Lead   |   Joseph Norton Academy

Key Stage Two have been involved in a wonderful community event where they have created beautiful lanterns to be displayed in the local woods. This is something that we have been lucky to be involved in for three years since it started in Cliffe Woods, Clayton West. We join together with other local schools and businesses to make the woods a magical place. Everybody pulls together to create a special and bright atmosphere. There are choir singers, fire dancers and dogs with flashing neon collars. We have seen igloos created out of milk bottles and a flying arrangement of rainbow umbrellas.

The boys worked hard to create their own designs of woodland animals and spooky themed glass and tin lanterns. They painted them with precision and attached them to metal coat hangers and old bike wheels. We added flashing rainbow lights and flickering tealights. These were then suspended from trees with our shining Joseph Norton signpost. The boys were proud to see their work displayed in an abstract and mystical place.


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