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Magic Breakfast

01 Sep 2019

Executive Principal Sam Bailey and CEO Mark Wilson formed part of a Parliamentary lobby of MPs in September aimed at securing free breakfasts for every eligible school child in the country.

The group included representatives from academia, charities involved in Breakfast Club initiatives, healthcare and industry.

Wellspring were the only education provider represented, based on the strength of the Trusts’ relationship with The Magic Breakfast charity.

Sam Bailey said “Magic Breakfasts are part of the magic that powers The Forest Academy, Oakwell Rise and Oakhill. A nutritious breakfast aids concentration, behaviour and mental processing skills. The research proves it. It’s a no-brainer.”

Many Wellspring Academies similarly provide and/or fund free breakfasts for students. We all recognise the immense difference it makes when children are well-fed and prepared for learning.

CEO Mark said “These are crucial initiatives. Our duty is to ensure that our children’s needs are met. The most basic of needs are actually the most important. Wellspring will always champion our children and advocate for their needs.”

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