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Mark Wilson’s May Message

24 May 2019   |   Mark Wilson, CEO   |   Wellspring Academy Trust

Welcome to edition twenty-seven of the Wellspring Newsletter. Our vibrant community continues to grow and to spread its influence both in the region and beyond. We believe in the importance of great relationships at the heart of a great education. We believe in kindness, care and compassion. We believe in making a difference. These beliefs are reaching a wider audience and wider attention.

Our colleagues at Beacon Academy, Phoenix Park and Sevenhills have enjoyed national media attention in recent weeks on the BBC News and The Guardian Newspaper. Further information is included  in this month’s newsletter for those of you who missed them. Beacon’s “On-rolling” of students was celebrated as an antidote to the scandal of “Off-rolling” that has been a focus of recent national media attention.

We put the interests of our children, students, young people (whatever we choose to call them) first. Always.

This is not only an important message, it is an important philosophy. This philosophy is what binds our community together. It’s what powers our thinking and decision-making. It’s what identifies us as an important voice in the world of education.

I am incredibly proud of being a member of the Wellspring community. I hope that you are too.

Thank you for your hard work daily that contributes to an exceptional education for each and every one of our young people.

You make a difference.

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