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Mark Wilson’s Message

01 Nov 2020

Welcome to the November Newsletter.

Our newsletter is designed to keep you up to date and to celebrate as many of the brilliant things that are happening in our schools as we can. Not featured? Make sure we know about what you’re doing.

Outdoor education at Joseph Norton, amazing colourful playground plans, Jackson Pollock in Mablethorpe, meeting the Local MP at Littlecoates, sensory breaks in Lincoln, biking in Bramley and much more… our newsletter showcases what a vibrant and creative community we are… one that is meeting the challenges of COVID-19 head-on with courage, integrity, imagination and optimism. This is who we are.

Our newsletter continues to be the most powerful expression of the energy and vitality of our organisation – because it is about our children and it is about you. Never underestimate the importance of the work you do either for now or for the future work of our society.

You make a difference.


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