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Mark’s November Message

28 Nov 2019   |   Mark Wilson, CEO, Wellspring Academy Trust   |   Wellspring Academy Trust

Welcome to our November Issue of the Wellspring Newsletter.

One look at this months’ newsletter demonstrates what a vibrant and dynamic community of practice we are. My sincere thanks to everyone for their brilliant contributions.

If we are to be our best for the young people in our care and for one another as colleagues we have to learn. Continually. Always.

The world does not stop. So we cannot afford to stop learning, even for an instant. Our newsletter serves a really important purpose – that of connecting us.

Through the newsletter we can see whats’ going on in other settings. That allows us to take pride in what one another is doing, to celebrate ideas with one another and – crucially to learn from one another’s’ ideas and practice as this can help us to enhance our own.

Our young people and colleagues deserve the very best.  That means that they deserve the very best of us.  The best way that we can guarantee that is to continually learn; with one another, for one another.

Have a brilliant day and enjoy the newsletter.

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