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Mark’s October Message

01 Oct 2020

It is quite simply great to read this month’s newsletter.

Our community becomes stronger, more dynamic, more ambitious and more confident with every passing month. Not only is this brilliant to see, it is extraordinary in the face of the challenges we are all facing at this time. Never has my admiration been greater for the work that is going on within this extraordinary community of schools. Thank you.

You will note a considerable emphasis on wellbeing in this month’s edition. This is no accident. The wellbeing of everyone is and remains at the forefront of my mind. These extraordinary times have thrown up new circumstances for every one of us.

In these times, it is crucial that we manage our own wellbeing as well as supporting that of others. The Tour de Wellspring was a fabulous event that clocked up 4952 miles of walking, cycling or running between us. Extraordinary!

You will see other fabulous causes for celebration captured throughout our newsletter. The newsletter is our opportunity to share with one another the fabulous things that are happening every day in our settings. We are such a dynamic group that sometimes opportunities for celebration can get lost. Don’t let them! Every brilliant thing we capture and share celebrates our fabulous kids and/or the fabulous adults that work with them.

That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we do. Share your success stories generously and enjoy the newsletter.

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