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Littlecoates MP Visit

17 Dec 2018   |   Littlecoates Primary Academy

Grimsby MP Melanie Onn faced a ‘grilling’ – from pupils at Littlecoates. She answered questions from Year 5 and 6 pupils, who have been studying Parliament. Questions included: What was it like to be an MP? Was the job important and why? And if you could change anything in Grimsby what would it be? Melanie then faced her a ‘vote of confidence’ on whether she should be the next Prime Minister, in which she was supported for the role unanimously!

Melanie said “I was impressed with the pupils. I thought the questions were well researched, considered and thought through carefully. The pupils were not shy but confident, which is really important.”

“The school has a lot to offer; the results should mean parents give it another look. But it’s not just in terms of attainment, the school is good on the pastoral side too. It’s very important that pupils are happy as well as achieving good educational outcomes. It’s clear that is the case here.” She added.

Year 5 pupils handed her a letter asking if she could push the case for repairs at a nearby crossing patrol. One of the pupils, Lucy, wrote: “I am writing to you because the Belisha Beacon outside our school is not working and that can be a danger as if it was dark. The cars would not see us crossing. We would like it fixed please.”

Nev Wilkinson, Principal said “It was a really informative session with the children and I’m grateful to Melanie for taking time out of a busy schedule to visit our school. I’m incredibly proud of the children in how they asked their questions and spoke to Melanie. We have a magical teaching and learning environment here and Melanie’s visit helps raise awareness of the school in the community. It was also a welcome opportunity to speak with her about the local housing situation, which impacts on the school.”

Plans are to be put in place for a visit to Parliament next year for some of the pupils.

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