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What a Journey so far

26 Feb 2019   |   Carrie Green, Executive Principal   |   Bramley Park Academy

What a journey so far…Bramley Park Academy is now about to start the beginning of its third half term as part of our Trust. We have certainly moved mountains in such a short space of time. The key to this has been very simple – relationships, relationships, relationships. Listening to staff and their needs allowed me at the outset to understand just why/where the school was in terms of ethos, culture and provision. Morale was at an all-time low, so galvanising the team was certainly my next step, achieved simply though clear dialogue, leading by example, understanding, nurture and a clear ‘action plan on a page’ so staff and the whole community could engage and understand. Wrapping high quality support and resource around key areas such as the refurbishment of the EYFS with Early Excellence, key consultants and high-quality texts for reading has resulted in rapid progress in these areas. Simple things like having tables which children can sit at comfortably and raising expectations in terms of presentation and pride with our amazing full brand-new uniform and PE kit has meant all the school community is bursting with pride. Believing in key staff who have been accredited as SLEs has also meant the profile of the school is ever developing to be a high-quality provider within the area. I am immensely proud of the journey to date and know that with continued support and direction the team here at Bramley will achieve amazing things. We have many more voyages to face in our quest for excellence, but I would like to share some of the staff members’ thoughts on what it has meant for them joining our Trust.

Amy Spivey, Year 5 Teacher:
Having no previous experience of an Academy and feeling quite nervous, I made the decision to see what happened under Wellspring and give it a try…. I can honestly say it has so far been one of the best experiences. Each day I still get to teach the same 23 amazing individuals, but they now wear their uniforms with pride.
In the classroom, the children have an environment which is tailored to their learning and now adapts by the moment. They have books which they are proud of and I absolutely love to share.
Outside the classroom, the children have constructive, inclusive and fun playtimes with equipment. They also benefit from enterprise opportunities which give them all a chance to excel.
I am often asked how I have so much energy in the classroom? Well, since becoming an Academy, I feel more confident and enthusiastic about teaching. I have personally benefitted from many CPD opportunities and the chance to work with experts in education.
So, to summarise as someone who began a little apprehensive I have been well and truly converted in a short space of time and look forward to what’s to come.

Kirsty Thorpe, Attendance & Pastoral Officer:
Many barriers to learning are being removed, or reduced significantly to encourage high expectations from staff, and pupils, not only in their work and efforts, but also in themselves. They want to surpass their own expectations and make themselves proud.
Kate Lamb, Nursery Teacher:
Since Wellspring took over, the school has moved at a rapid pace. The Executive Principal has a clear vision and high expectations which are already being embedded into every day school life. The biggest achievement for me personally is the refurbishment of the Early Years unit. We have been provided with first class, quality resources and furniture which has only aided our ability to provide a first class experience for all our Early Years children. Thank you to Wellspring and thank you to Carrie Green who has made this possible for our children.

Gem Thomas, Y3 Teacher:
The children seem to walk an inch taller in their new uniforms and they all look amazing.  This increase in self respect and self-confidence is spreading throughout the school. They are treated like they pay for a private school education, which is what each child deserves.

Many Hrintchuck, HLTA:
The introduction of after school clubs and Rockets has benefited our children and community as a whole. Leadership is consistent and supportive and as a result of this children are going from strength to strength, which is reflected in their attitude towards learning and is evident in their books and classrooms.

Lynne Dove, Learning Manager:
Excellent leadership skills from our Executive Principal who is prepared to work extremely closely with all stakeholders to get the best possible outcomes for her pupils. I am really excited for the future of Bramley Park Academy and want to share the journey!

Emily Brady RQT:
Children across the school are noticeably more aware of their overall presentation; whether it be uniform or work in books – and there has been a great improvement as a result of this. Expectations for children and staff from the leadership team; whether it be SLT or subject leaders are very clear and consistent.

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