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Primary ICT Support: working in the background to protect us

28 Jun 2019   |   James Watson   |   Wellspring Academy Trust

Who wouldn’t respond to an email request from their Line Manager? Many times attackers don’t use complex tools or technology to try and trick you to send money, send your login details, etc. They simply research, checking out social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, or your Academy’s “About” section. From there they craft the email (or string of emails) that looks like it’s legitimatey from a trusted source. These messages typically do not contain malicious links or attachments, making them very difficult to detect with traditional email security solutions. It seems to come from your supplier, your colleague, your friends.

Every Academy uses a web-based application to help manage day-to-day workloads and tasks. Attackers are well aware of this and target trusted web services like Gmail, 365 or DocuSign as a way to lure unsuspecting victims. These attacks often try to get you to give up account credentials or click on a link. For example, you may receive an email informing you that you have unread messages, to reset your password, or to review or sign a document. From there, you’re taken to a fake website portal and accidentally give up your login information. In many cases this action is forgotten by the member of staff. And now the attacker can access your emails, understand who you are, your authority, who listens to you. They then assume your identity and send emails as you..

To combat this Primary ICT, in conjunction with Wellspring Academies now implement Artificial Intelligence to understand the subtle attack strategies, remove the threat before it gets to a staff members’ inbox. Continually monitoring every account managed by Primary ICT to spot the signs of imminent risk. In the four weeks since the technology has been implemented, countless potential phishing emails have been prevented from getting into the Trusts email systems.

Primary ICT Support: Warning staff of those suppliers and colleagues and friends who have been hacked, stopping the communication, blocking the threat and allowing you to teach.

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