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Pupil Premium Workshop – system-led school improvement in action

25 Sep 2019   |   Chris Jessup, Director of Learning Primary

Friday 20th October saw colleagues from across  Wellspring meet in Doncaster for the first Pupil Premium Workshop. Reflecting the large element of Pupil Premium Grant funding that supports our work, the event was organised in direct response to requests from leaders in the system – an example of how we all can influence the shape and direction of the Trust.

Featuring expertise from within our community of school, the day gave the opportunity to think again about the purpose and provision of Pupil Premium spend, highlighted examples of excellent practice within our schools and gave the opportunity to network with colleagues from other settings, sectors and phases. There was also an opportunity to work through management information systems and drill down into how our digital infrastructure can support the work that goes on in the classrooms.

Sarah Jones, Executive Vice-Principal at Spalding and Grantham Alternative Academies, spoke passionately and informatively  about how research and curriculum vision led the introduction and evaluation of additional interventions funded via the grant. She also made a plea that tracking and analysis of outcomes should be as effective and slimline as possible – have a purpose to the collection of data and don’t track for the sake of it.

Todd Cheetham is Assistant Headteacher at Greenacre and is a designated SLE for Pupil Premium. His engaging and knowledgeable presentation took elements of highly effective practice recognised by Ofsted but which, more importantly, worked incredibly well for the pupils at Greenacre. Thoughts on research, the importance of high expectations for staff and pupils, and a focus on quality first teaching were all discussed. A particularly striking section was the precise detailing of barriers that were preventing achievement that the school identifies.

Chris Jessup, Director of Learning, gave a brief history of the purpose and impact of the Pupil Premium, along with current evidence based research from the EEF on best practice. He finished with next steps in terms of the new Ofsted framework and current DFE thinking around the future of the Grant.#

Colleagues were given the opportunity to reflect on the impact of the Grant in their own settings and were able to access case studies and best practice. A practice network has been set up to share on going resources and all participants valued the time to think and the contributions available.


Feedback included:

‘A good opportunity to network and a pause for thought and reflection’

‘An effective use of our colleagues time to share good practice and ideas’

‘A very useful day – we need to do more!’


We certainly do and we certainly will.

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