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Sensory Breaks at Springwell Lincoln

02 Nov 2020   |   Miriam Reynolds   |   Springwell Lincolnshire

Back in October, I posted some images on the school Twitter feed of our KS4 area where we had spent some time updating the walls and floor with activities that our students can use for sensory breaks.

We find that a number of our students require a break from seated learning activities, needing a sensory input to stay alert, on task and focussed and these are a great way to get the blood pumping again! Previously, for many of our KS4 students, the gym was the perfect way to do this but it’s currently out of use due to our COVID risk assessment. As a school, we already have provision such as this in our Primary and KS3 areas, so we looked to replicate some of those ideas. We were inundated with likes and retweets, the most common request being ‘Where did you get them from?’ Sensory activities like these that are purchased commercially can run in to the thousands…

We found a way to do it much more cheaply but just as effectively using self adhesive vinyl squares purchased from Amazon, a little bit of imagination and a lot of time, effort and teamwork! Many of the activities from commercial products can easily be replicated in this way and they are a great source of inspiration! Our students love using them: some like to work round it like a circuit, others have favourite activities that they specifically request. There is a video on our Twitter Feed of the Copy Me activity in use too.


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