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Snuggle up with a Bookcase

20 Nov 2019   |   Nicola Booth, Teacher   |   Bramley Park Academy

In Year 2, we wanted to send home books that parents could read to their child to help the children to develop their own fluency in reading. Also we wanted parents to engage in the importance of reading to a child. We have used books age related to give parents a clear idea of what their child should be reading for pleasure. So after lots of research we came up with the ‘snuggle up with a book suitcase’. Which includes a book, reading buddy, notebook, pen, hot chocolate and some biscuits.

Before we sent these out I excitedly tweeted the suitcases and the idea spread quickly throughout the school due to parents commenting on what a fabulous idea it was. The cases have now been going out on a weekly basis and the feedback from the children and parents is amazing! The success of twitter has launched this idea whole school which is fantastic.

The children are really thriving and excited to take the books home, and it also encourages the children to write about the books. Mia commented on the recent book she took home named Flat Stanley: ‘I love the first chapter of Flat Stanley because it’s funny and he is flat. Mr Lambchop discovered he can role Stanley up when they went out. Arthur wanted to be flat like Stanley, Stanley was cross because he had to wear a doll costume instead of a cowboy suit’.

Mia’s Mum said: ‘What as amazing idea this is! Mia enjoyed cuddling up to the monkey while we read (although she still kept trying to read herself) I hope all the adults and children enjoy this idea as much as we did’.


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