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Springwell Barnsley EdTech50

28 Jun 2019   |   Danny Ross   |   Springwell Learning Community

Springwell Barnsley has been named in the UK’s EdTech50 – an award celebrating the top 50 schools in England who are using technology effectively. It is an honour to be recognised alongside many inspiring schools embracing change and passionate about making a difference. Technology continues to provide us with the opportunity to connect, communicate, collaborate and create on a local, national and global scale with such ease and transparency. It teaches our pupils to be responsible digital citizens and allows our pupils to express themselves in different ways.

Since commencing my role in 2012 I have relished the opportunity to research and demonstrate how technology can be used in engaging ways to help foster curiosity, creativity and critical thinking. The world has become a much smaller place, with opportunities to connect to every corner. Blogging highlights the power to make a difference to the lives and learning of children. We provide students with a platform to write for a real audience, therefore giving them a purpose to write. When children have a purpose it impacts positively on the quality of their writing.

Students use the blog and SeeSaw as a digital portfolio. Apps such as Explain Everything, Book Creator, iMovie Green Screen and many more are redefining the way in which different tasks can be completed to incorporate different skills and promote creativity in our now 21st Century classrooms. Our students are making their learning visible for the world to see using content creation apps.

When you combine the power of Airserver, projector, and the iPad the adaptability of technology is endless.  At Springwell we use the Airserver, iPad and projector in various combinations to enable different types of activities.  Our students can share what they are doing to the entire class with the touch of a button, ensuring they produce their best work at all times. I have found that with literacy the iPads can provide some amazing speaking and listening opportunities. Children who

struggle with writing therefore have the chance to express themselves in different ways. Not only have the iPads supported our most vulnerable children with SEN, they have also stretched and challenged out higher achievers to think more critically and creatively in order to complete tasks.

Giving the students the opportunity to creatively use the technology is crucial in preparing them for the future.

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