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Springwell FM

11 Oct 2019   |   Shona Crichton, Principal   |   Springwell Leeds

Live every Friday…. Bringing Springwell to you.

Chapel FM believes in offering people as many opportunities as possible to get involved and get creative. Chapel FM have a vision: East Leeds- a community that has pride, vision and hope for the future.

A group of students from Springwell East have embraced that vision and have taken over the waves producing fantastic radio shows for the local community and beyond.

All students are enrolled on the Arts Mark Bronze award and Chapel FM have given our students a real life project. The long list of skills we are learning to develop are below.

  • Learning interviewing skills and interview local people or people all over the world (phone or Skype interview)
  • Developing studio discussions around key topics or even arrange debates in front of an audience in the radio theatre
  • Creating a full radio show for live broadcast, either made completely at Chapel FM or starting in school with interviews, vox pops etc
  • Creating and recording a radio drama and live streaming a play.
  • Focusing on poetry and spoken words and running a poetry slam competition
  • Developing the most amazing revision podcasts
  • Using the studios and the radio theatre to highlight music achievement with live performances of music and singing
  • Taking part in practical sessions in music technology with the amazing resources at Chapel FM


It’s live. It’s Brilliant. It’s Springwell FM

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