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Springwell Grantham KS3 & 4 Updates

11 Oct 2020   |   Emma Kemp & Jake Brindley

Key stage 3 are currently studying WW2 – causes, impacts on lives during, and how it affected people even to this day. Within this topic we learnt to knit and sew – our teddies are a prime example of this. We have also made mini Anderson Shelters and tested the strength of these with sand, stones and sticks. We are reading ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ to tie in with this topic. We have written poems to reflect WW2, focusing on how it would have been in the Blitz. We also looked at rationing and how difficult it would be to create a week’s worth of meals on rations and how bland it would have tasted.

In science, we have been working with a project titled ‘A Clean Break’. The end project will be a zip line to transport an egg across the classroom. Our knowledge of the properties of materials has been tested along the way, and we have looked at the durability and strength of materials to decide what our ‘egg carrier’ was going to be made of. We then looked at the strength, elasticity, durability and friction of ‘zip line’ materials to see which would make the best line.

In Key Stage 4, we have been focusing on improving student’s confidence with reading to promote reading for pleasure. Some students have specifically asked if their teacher can read them a book daily on top of their independent reading. As part of our English Literature course and as part of the AQA Unit award scheme, we have been looking into poverty and charity. Students designed and made charity envelopes for the charity they felt is the most important. The students
exhibited wonderful engagement in cooking and PE, learning about local history whilst getting steps in and challenging the
Head of School to badminton.

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