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Springwell Grantham – Primary Updates

11 Oct 2020   |   By Karen Burrows & Dale Kitchen   |   Springwell Lincolnshire

Primary 1 Update

Primary 1 have very much enjoyed their ‘Enchanted Woodland’ topic this half term. We had a very enjoyable visit to Fineshade Woods where we followed the Gruffalo Trail and collected natural resources to use back in school. We created some fantastic ‘tree boggarts’ out of the things we found. We have also enjoyed learning to cook some delicious treats this term; parents and carers look forward to tasting them each Wednesday. Every day begins with a sensory circuit which, apart from being lots of fun, helps us to regulate and be ready for learning. We have achieved great things already this year and look forward to continuing to learn, play and grow together.

Primary 2 Update – Springwell Grantham

Following a long period of time away from school, we felt that it was of vital importance to ensure that Primary 2 students felt safe, secure and confident in the school environment once again. To make sure this happened, we focused on rebuilding relationships and engaging students in an exciting and interactive curriculum. The topic for the term was ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ and we paid a memorable visit to Holroyd’s Traditional Sweet Shop. This physically immersed the students, and staff, in the world of sweets.

We have focused on reading and literacy this term, with the students producing some brilliant non-chronological reports about James Lind and scurvy. The class also drafted, edited and produced neat versions of their poems for National Poetry Day.

In maths, students have studied a range of areas including 2D and 3D shapes, commutative number sentences, percentages and statistics. In RE we have focused on Sikhism, learning about the Gurdwara and the Guru Granth Sahib. PSHE has prompted a lot of interesting discussion about fairness, justice, democracy and friendship.

As the term’s topic was linked to food, we spent several lessons cooking – using some of the home grown produce from our school allotment. Primary Two were awarded Level Three of the Royal Horticultural Society’s School Gardening Programme and were rewarded with over 100 plants to grow over the autumn months



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