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Strategy Group Success

24 May 2019   |   Dom Fenner, Organisational Development Lead   |   Wellspring Academy Trust

Our four Strategy Groups (Recruit & Retain, Workforce Wellbeing, Professional Learning Community and System Influence) are tasked with developing the thinking and strategy in their areas of focus, resulting in the Trust-wide strategic approaches designed by our Academies’ staff themselves.

Each group comprises colleagues from different Academy settings and locations, the Support Centre and the Trut CEO.

The Strategy Groups are chaired by:

  • Carrie Green – Recruit and Retain
  • Amy Portier – Workforce Wellbeing
  • Verity Watts – Professional Learning Community
  • Sarah Wilson – System Influence

Strategy Group developments have resulted in changes Trust-wide that include:

  • Staff Induction Portal is now live! It will replace the existing Wellspring Induction Checklist and it applies to all new employees starting after the Easter break.
  • HR Toolbox is now available for HR recruitment documentation (template adverts, job applications, shortlisting forms, interview questions, recruitment resources).
  • The Wellbeing Charter is now live and all Academies have core standards to proactively address staff wellbeing.
  • Wellbeing Champions Network All Academies have at least one Staff Wellbeing Champion to support the Wellbeing Charter.
  • Wellspring Digital enables access to Trust-wide networking opportunities, CPD, information, resources and communication.
  • Positive Regard launched New Leadership Development Programmes and Enquiry Walks

If you have any feedback/questions regarding any of the Strategy Groups’ developments please do not hesitate to contact Dom Fenner on

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