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Strength Lies Within

24 May 2019   |   Bramley Park Academy

Bramley Park Academy is continuing to soar to success. Building the capacity of a team is the nucleus of any school’s success. Happy and confident staff equal happy and successful children. We are building a community of professionals who collaborate and strengthen with spirit and passion.

Meet some of our team:

Kirsty Greenwood, Assistant Principal and SLE

We have created a fun and stimulating environment which provides many opportunities for children to explore, create and address their individual needs. Children are supported and challenged with individual next steps. Morning Provocations are inspiring and used to develop their sense of wonder as well as promoting writing independence.

Becoming an SLE is a proud moment in my career as knowing my passion for Early Years is not only recognised but will be impacting and influencing other people in their settings; improving and raising standards children and their families. Our journey to become an Outstanding Early Years unit is well on the way and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with others.

Michelle Ward, Assistant Principal and SLE

I have loved the opportunity to be part of such a thriving school with exciting plans for its future growth. I am extremely proud to have been accredited as an SLE. I am absolutely passionate about engaging children across a broad and balanced curriculum, providing them with as many experiences as possible to hook them in to purposeful learning and engage them in mathematics and English. I am excited to be able to develop a new curriculum for Bramley Park Academy and to share these skills with others.

Amy Spivey, SLE

I often reflect on how my job and classroom practice has changed since converting from Bramley Primary School to Bramley Park Academy. Last week, I was successful in being designated as a SLE (Specialist Leader of Education) with Positive Regard. I consider this an opportunity that I wouldn’t have had if we were not a school in the Wellspring Academy…

From the offset, I was very nervous but I knew the opportunity was a great one. My absolute passion is teaching English through high quality literature! I love the jaw dropping silence, which falls upon my classroom, when I read a gripping text to my class… They are transported into other worlds and become ‘hypnotised’! ,

As a result of my commitment to engage the kids in engaging and meaningful English lessons, I actually (strangely) enjoyed the interview process. It was an opportunity to discuss the fantastic learning journey of my Year 5 class since we shifted to a ‘Power of Reading’ approach to Literacy lessons.

I am looking forward to what the future holds and hope that this opportunity allows me to work with many different schools.

Kate Lamb, SLE

I am really pleased to have been awarded SLE status. I have a strong passion and interest in the Early Years and am thoroughly looking forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise in this area with other practitioners and settings. With 17 years Early Years experience I am confident I can pass on my love and enthusiasm for Early Years to others and support them in providing a first class, exciting and stimulating environment and activities for their children as well as driving our owns schools standards and provision forward.

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