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Success breeds success at LaceyField Louth

16 Oct 2020   |   By Krissy Hipgrave & Daniel Reynolds   |   Eastfield Infants and Nursery Academy, Lacey Gardens Junior Academy

Curiosity. A word consistently used across all Wellspring environments, where encouragement (and enjoyment!) is at the heart of exploring new challenges. LaceyField Louth have recently celebrated creating professional ‘be curious’ environments. Teachers are looking to incorporate a self-improving model to their thinking across both the infant and junior sites.

The joint practice development has been initiated by teachers looking to consistently improve their own professional practice as a result of coaching and mentoring opportunities. Using a collaborative approach has shaped reflective openings through an ‘open door’ culture, whereby staff can learn and engage with professional, quality first teaching on their doorsteps.

Utilising Laceyfield’s strengths of teaching Phonics and Mastery Maths has allowed staff to evaluate, reflect, and challenge their own teaching practice. The self-improving model ensures the very best learning opportunities are created at LaceyField Louth. The academy looks forward to continuing to embed the metacognitive model, with a key focus on all staff having self-managed time to learn from one another.

Creative curiosity from the children at LaceyField Louth has inspired staff to look at their own curious creativity.

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