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Tour De Wellspring

01 Oct 2020

25 Academies….263 participants….. 4952.2 miles completed in 7 days. 

September’s Tour De Wellspring 2020 initiative ran across the Trust in support of National Fitness Day and the wellbeing of our workforce. It was a brilliant success!

Health and wellbeing continues to be a key strategic priority for the Trust and it is even more important in these tricky times. It is well known that exercise has a profoundly positive impact on physical and mental health and wellbeing. It relieves stress, improves memory, helps with sleep and boosts overall mood.

Our Tour De Wellspring initiative was also a marvellous expression of togetherness of our community of schools. Two hundred and sixty-three of us walked, ran or cycled a staggering 4,952.2 miles. This included both brilliant individual achievements and a marvellous collective achievement for wellbeing and teamwork amongst our community.


Individual Leaderboard

Name Team Org/School Total
1 Max Hobson  West Team Employee 139.69
2 Josh Greaves West Team Support Centre (West Team) 123.45
3 Paul McCready East Team Beacon Academy 107.26
4 Natalie Hardman West Team Support Centre (West Team) 99.71
5 Jared Lloyd-Jones West Team Elements 99.6
6 Gemma Taylor East Team LaceyField 82.26
7 Karen Sheeran East Team LaceyField 79.5
8 Sophie Archer East team LaceyField 78.7
9 Sam Corbett West Team Support Centre (West Team) 77.81
10 Fiona Chesman East Team LaceyField 76.1

Academy Leader Board 

Name Team  Total
1 LaceyField East Team 744.39
2 Horncastle East Team 475.84
3 Support Centre (West Team) West Team 464.38
4 Beacon East Team 418.45
5 The Forest School East Team 330.59

Walking Leaderboard

Men Name Academy Miles Women Name Academy Miles
1 Mark Bainbridge Springwell Leeds 30.51 1 Di Leesing Horncastle 53.12
2 Daniel Reynolds Laceyfield 30 2 Natalie Hardman Support Centre (West) 46.67
3  John Mansfield Phoenix Park 27.26 3 Michelle Lea Horncastle 44.68

Running Leaderboard

Men Name Academy Miles Women Name Academy Miles
1 Jared Lloyd Jones Elements 99.6 1 Caroline Rainbow The Forest School 41.16
2 Julian Kennett Joseph Norton 36.75 2 Emma Beveridge Laceyfield 30.58
3  Adam Bell Springwell Leeds 31.62 3 Kate Cowdroy Littlecoates 28.08


Cycling Leaderboard

Men Name Academy Miles Women Name Academy Miles
1 Max Hobson The Forest Academy 139.69 1 Karen Sheeran Laceyfield 79.5
2 Josh Greaves Support Centre (West) 123.45 2 Sophie Archer Laceyfield 78.7
3 Paul McCready Beacon Academy 89.7 3 Tracey Gostelow Laceyfield 68.7


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