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Transformational Stories

28 Oct 2019   |   Carrie Green, Executive Principal   |   Bramley Park Academy

We are proud of our fully inclusive and refurbished setting for our community. The transformation at Bramley Park Academy has been a revolution and the impact has been staggering.

Every area of our school has enjoyed some form of enhancement whether that be windows, new play equipment, new flooring or even a stroke of blue paint. This has resulted in the overall provision now being clean, inviting and purposeful.

This could not have been achieved without the support of Josh Greaves and Steven Boldy and the Estates Team. Support from the Trust has enabled us to replace all the windows, re-purpose our entrance and library to be inviting and welcoming for our whole community. One of our pupils described it as ‘a little bit of magic’ and I could not agree more. Every day I drive in and feel goose bumps at what we have achieved in such a short space of time. It’s fundamentally about one thing, making a difference for our pupils and putting them first! With the dedicated support of HR, Estates, Finance and the shear grit and determination of the whole team here at Bramley we have achieved just that. Here are some thoughts from some of the team to further enhance our story:

‘I stepped over the threshold on September 2nd, and my first thought was, ‘Wow. We are finally a school’. I was amazed at the building work, and what a transformation it has brought to the school. I walk down the corridors several times a day, and never used to take much notice of my surroundings, but now, I make a conscious effort to look at the amazing learning environment that we have created for our kids. One that they take pride in, that motivates them, that empowers them to learn and to strive for their potential. I am so proud of them, and I know that we are moving mountains in order to get them everything that they are entitled to!’Kirsty Thorpe, Attendance and Pastoral Officer

‘I have worked at the school for 20 years and I have never seen the school looking as fantastic as it is now. Both the inside and outside of school with all the improvements that have been made over the last year, especially the library. There is a positive vibe throughout the whole school with the children and staff. This has also reached our local community, only today taking the Year 4 for their weekly swimming lesson, a neighbouring school we passed commented on how smart the children looked in their new school uniform. I am proud to be part of Bramley Park Academy’. – Bev Sarchet, HLTA

‘The school has seen huge improvements over the summer to create a wonderful and stimulating learning environment for all the children! The new outdoor play equipment has meant children are excited and stimulated during break times and it is lovely to see such positive play! The children absolutely love our new library and are so enthusiastic about their weekly library slot, it is instilling a love of reading in even the most disengaged reader! Each week, children get chance to sit and read a book with a partner in the library, providing them with that invaluable experience of just enjoying reading and making it a part of their every day. The learning environments inside the classrooms are beautiful too, particularly the reading corners, which the children love to access’. – Mollie Gregory, Y3 Teacher

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