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Trust Reading Network

28 Jun 2019   |   Katie Pierce

In March The Forest Academy hosted the first Wellspring Reading Network. We welcomed leaders from across the Trust to share what we are doing to strengthen reading at Forest. Led by Katie Pierce  and Sarah Lythe (SLEs), attendees had the opportunity to meander through the classrooms, see the teaching of reading in action and engage in rich conversations around the planning and teaching of reading. The school leaders who attended were impressed by what they saw happening in the classrooms and were wowed by pupil outcomes in books. Feedback included: “I can’t remember coming away from a day of training/networking and feeling quite so inspired – it was really useful and enjoyable!”

It was the turn of Littlecoates in June to host the second Reading Network.  As you step through the door, books instantly surround you and it is evident that reading is at the heart of this school’s curriculum.  From beautiful reading spaces, high quality texts and many opportunities for book talk you leave Littlecoates inspired and full of ideas for raising the profile of reading.

The Reading Network offers the perfect opportunity to consider best practice in securing high standards in KS1 and KS2 reading and writing.

This is a fantastic opportunity for English leaders, KS1 and KS2 leaders throughout the Trust to get involved in a network project which aims to:

  • Get passionate and talented professionals into one room and facilitate discussion which promotes thinking, reflection, secures ongoing improvement and provides a platform for celebration
  • Provide the opportunity to see a diverse range of practice across, ultimately, all of our primary settings – with the task of distilling the common features of excellent practice in the teaching of primary English
  • Consider various approaches and take inspiration from small things that are making a difference
  • Provide a platform for senior leaders to share their leadership journey – what they’ve noticed, what they’ve done and the impact evident as a result
  • Develop ideas for further improvements.

The Reading Network dates for 2019-2020 will be coming soon and we invite as many of you who want to be part of this fantastic opportunity to come along.

If you would like any further information, please email

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